Bonnarookie, No Longer

I’d been waiting for this weekend for months…years even. In February, I finally had just taken the plunge and purchased my ticket, even without knowing who I would be going with. It didn’t matter, this experience was going to be for me.

Trying to blog about it would be insulting. It’s impossible to put words to the energy you feel at Bonnaroo. I took some photos, in an attempt to capture the feeling, so I’ll share those…but as a new friend and I determined, “these are the moments you can never explain once you leave…which is why it is important to share them with others around you.” At Bonnaroo, it doesn’t matter if you are standing next to your oldest friend or your new best friend, you will always be on the same page if you keep your mind and heart open.













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Red Rocks

The last 2 days have been literally some of the most incredible, happiest moments of my entire life. I spent them with a dear, dear friend in the most awesome places I’ve ever laid my eyes on and experienced.

Today, we went to Sedona and after trusting our intuition to find us a private place to do yoga, we came upon the absolute most magical spot I could have hoped for. An hour later, I had accomplished 2 poses I have been working on (fully bound extended side angle and CROW!), improved on others and finished with my body feeling energized in a different way than ever before.

This photo was taken just after we finished yoga and before we left Sedona.



Me, in dancer’s pose…one of my favorites.



Finally, yesterday at the Grand Canyon…just chillin’ on the ledge. 🙂


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California Workin’…

…on such a winter’s day!


It is late-January (supposedly the cold and rainy season here in LA), and I am sitting outside, under a palm tree with the sun on my feet.

It’s 75 degrees with the most beautiful clear blue sky. The sweet smell of flowers in the air…a perfectly ripe avocado cut up in a bowl with olive oil+lemon, and a grape chia Kombucha next to me. No better place I could ask for to be replying to the hundreds of e-mails I’m receiving in response to Joel & Friends, which is going to be spectacular! Is there a stronger word than gratitude? Because I have that.

Snow Happy

In 11215 on 12112. It was a happy day. Only appropriate that I stumbled upon this when walking up Union. 😀

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The Universe…

…smiled to me this month. The details are not super important (and revolve around several people, places and things!), but I must be doing something right to be surrounded with such peace and love. ❤

See? I’m glowing! But really, that’s the 134 degree infrared sauna. Appropriate though 🙂 



Ding: FL100

One of my favorite places to be.


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How To Be Happy: A Guide

Prompted by a conversation I had with an old friend this evening, here is my personal guide to happiness:


Do what you love.

If something makes you unhappy, don’t do it.

Be thankful for what you have.

Do what you love.


That is all.

PS: Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Of course you can be happy!

Breathing Freely!

Last night I heard the amazing news that my dear friend, Katy, who has been fighting cystic fibrosis, had finally gotten the call for her new lungs. Today, she spent all day in surgery, which went wonderfully…and is recovering now.

While it is very sad to think about the donor family, it is incredible that Katy has gotten the gift of life. She is one of the strongest, kindest people I know and I am so very excited for her to start the rest of her life with beautiful, healthy lungs.

Finally Fall

Ahh, Autumn. My absolute favorite time of year. This year the fall foliage came rather late because of our summer storms, and I’m soooo happy to see this as I approach my front door. 😀


Spreading the Love

I love, love, lovvvve sharing music with people. It’s the best thing seeing their reactions to new music that I just gave to their ears…and knowing that they are enjoying it with me. This is the playlist for the mix I am giving to my friends on Friday, at my Halloween/Bday party. If any of you discover something below that you particularly like, please let me know 😀